Chalice Circles are designed to enrich our community with the sort of conversation and attentiveness that can be difficult to find in the busy life of a growing congregation. They provide a place to make trusted friends, minister to fellow congregants and be ministered unto, and experience personal and spiritual growth by seeing your life in the context of others’ experiences.

If you are interested in joining a Chalice Circle, contact our Coordinator of Congregational Life.

What happens at a Chalice Circle meeting?

Each session focuses on a reading. Some readings address spiritual topics, such as gratitude, balance, nature, or God. Other readings reflect themes such as listening, loss and grief, forgiveness, or friendship. Some readings will mirror the Minister’s sermon topics. Members respond to the topic questions by sharing personal experiences and feelings. Chalice Circles are not study groups or debate teams, but rather focus on sharing and listening. Chalice Circles follow a consistent pattern that includes an in-gathering, candle lighting, a sharing of highs and lows over the past month, silence, shared readings and personal responses to the readings, announcements, and closing words.

Where and when do Chalice Circles meet?

Each Chalice Circle decides whether to meet in participant’s homes or at the church. Groups meet once a month for two hours. In addition, Chalice Circles engage in service to the church or larger community.

How big is a Chalice Circle group?

The ideal size is 6 – 8 members, including a facilitator. As the circumstances of people’s lives change, the membership of a group may change over the year. New members will be welcomed in an ongoing group with an opening or in a newly formed group.

How long does a Chalice Circle last?

Sign up for Chalice Circles will take place each September, with groups beginning in October and running through May. If the group chooses, meetings can continue through August. In September, groups will disband and new groups will be created to start in October.