April’s Justice Partner is Revolutionary Earth
Revolutionary Earth works to restore a natural ecosystem in Rochester that rejuvenates soil, reduces
pollution, rehabilitates pollinators, and replaces the current food system with one that focuses on the health and well-being of everyone, starting with those who are most food-insecure.
Total Raised: $1,122
March’s Justice Partner is Hawthorne Helps
Hawthorne Helps is a uniquely First UU Social Justice Outreach in partnership
with Rochester Public School’s Hawthorne Education Center. With financial contributions from UU members and friends & additional support from local faith, service and business groups, Hawthorne Helps has provided essential NON SNAP items to HEC adult students for over 7 years. 85% of students live at or below the poverty level. Most are people of color and many are immigrants, all striving to make a better life for themselves and their families.
Total Raised: $566.50

March 13, 2022 – Special Full Plate Offering Sunday for Ukraine Relief
Total Raised: $4091.00

February’s Justice Partner is Southeastern Minnesota Interfaith Immigrant Legal Defense (SMIILD).
Southeastern Minnesota Interfaith Immigrant Legal Defense (SMIILD) is a non-profit corporation formed in December 2018. Since October 2019, through two non-profit immigrant legal services organizations, we have provided legal representation to 12 people in ICE custody. In 2022, we extended our contract to represent people not in detention also, including asylum seekers and people released from ICE custody who still have unresolved cases. Our UU Church has been a key supporter of SMIILD.
Total Raised: $833.50