There was an unexpected rise in insurance costs that will negatively impacts our budget for the 2024-25 church year. The property insurance bill for our Walden Lane location increased from $5,800 per year to nearly $50,000 annually. This is an increase of 880%. We need your assistance in the form of a one-time donation and/or an increase in your monthly pledge to the church for the upcoming church year. Please see the letter from your Board below for more informstion.

For this year’s annual budget, we’re hoping to see a 5-10% increase. This is needed to support utilities, cost of living adjustments for staff, continuing to expand social justice, music, and fellowship programs, and building toward additional ministry. The annual pledge part of the pledge form makes it easy for folks through a set of check box choices. This annual pledge is for the coming fiscal year: June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025.


Other Ways to Pledge

Questions? Email Connie Schuelka or phone: 507-282-5209.

Thank you for your support!