As you drive to First Unitarian Universalist Church heading west from HWY 52 on Walden Lane there are two driveways that you can use to enter our building. The first one leads to a lower level parking lot. There is a set of stairs at the end of the parking lot to enter the building. The second driveway leads to our main entrance (fully accessible) and upper-level parking.
Disability Etiquette Tips


There are 3 designated accessible parking spaces and five for limited mobility (no handicap card required) at the upper-level entrance.

Valet parking is available. Please speak to the valet volunteer or contact Melissa Eggler, Coordinator of Congregational Life.


We have an elevator in our building which allows access to 4 levels: the Commons, the main/entry level, the Sanctuary and the RE wing. Our main floor/entry level bathrooms are accessible. Power-assisted doors are available at the main entrance and at the accessible bathrooms. All classrooms, meeting rooms, and offices are accessible.

We have defined accessible spaces in our Sanctuary for walkers, wheelchairs, or service animals. These are suggested spaces, you are welcome to sit anywhere. If assistance is needed, let an usher know and they will escort you to your chosen area and move chairs as needed.


Large print hymnals and Orders of Service are always available. Individual large print hymns and audience participation readings used in the service are part of the large print order of service. Please ask the ushers for these as you enter the Sanctuary.


Hearing devices are available from the ushers. We encourage anyone wishing to speak during a service to use a microphone. This is also true for talking in the commons area.

Chemical Sensitivity:  

Soaps in our bathroom are fragrance-free.

Children with special needs:

All children are welcome in our religious education program. Please talk to the Director of Religious Education if you have any concerns or feel your child may require special accommodations.

Pastoral Care:

Pastoral care is available to all congregants. The Coordinator of Congregational Life or our Minister are available to assist with any individual need.

Support Groups:

A support group is a way to bring people together and provide information, support, and a safe place to express feelings and reduce stress. The Coordinator of Congregational Life is available to help start a new group. Once three people are interested, a new group can be started.

Service Animal:

Unitarian Universalist principles recognize the inherent worth and dignity of every person. In doing so, we offer the following guidelines to be acquainted with best practices and legislation concerning service animals so that all can respond appropriately, and ensure the service animal and its human handler are safe and feel welcomed. Please read when a service dog comes to church for helpful FAQs.