Automatic Pledge Payment FAQ’s 

First Unitarian Universalist Church – Rochester, Minnesota

Yes, I am interested in automatic withdrawal. Please send me more information.

Automatic Withdrawal

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester offers an Automatic Payment option for the payment of annual pledges.  Following are responses to frequently asked questions about Automatic Pledge Payment: 

What is Automatic Pledge Payment?  It is a convenient payment method which allows the Church to periodically
debit your financial institution account for an amount you designate to fulfill your pledge.

Why is the Church offering this option?  Automatic pledge payment saves the pledger time and postage.  As a benefit to the Church, it helps provide an even cash flow throughout the year. It also decreases the labor, postage, and printing costs incurred by mailing out “pledge due” notices.

How secure is my financial information?   Your information is very secure. Payments are processed through a
network of financial institutions and the Federal Reserve.  All account numbers are encrypted to ensure security.

Does this option cost me anything?  No, members pay nothing extra to take advantage of Automatic Pledge

Does it matter where I bank? Almost all financial institutions, including banks, savings and loans, and credit unions, are members of the electronic debit and credit network; so, almost anyone can choose the Automatic Pledge Payment option.  If you sign up for this option and it turns out your financial institution is one of the few not belonging to the clearinghouse, we will let you know.

How often will my contributions be deducted? Once per month.

When will my contributions be deducted? The Church has chosen the 20th of each month for settlement. If that
date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be taken on the following business day.

Can my contribution be paid from either a checking or savings account?  Yes.

What if I want to change or discontinue my contribution in the future?  We will adjust or discontinue your
payment upon your instructions. No payment changes will be made without your permission.

How do I sign up?  Complete and return an Automatic Pledge Payment Authorization form which is available from the Church office.  Completed forms are to be mailed or delivered to Connie Schuelka, Congregational Administrator in the Church office.

Why do the deductions start in June and end in May?  The Church fiscal year runs from June 1 to May 31.
Pledge obligations also run from June through May. If a pledge is made sometime after June, you can still use the Automatic Pledge Payment plan with the amount you specify.

Does the Church offer payment through credit cards?  Yes. For more information, contact the Congregational
Administrator at the church.

Other questions or concerns? Contact: Congregational Administrator, Connie Schuelka, 507-282-5209 or