Shared Ministry

In our Shared Ministry model of governance, leadership is shared between staff and lay leaders.  The model is built on trust, collaboration, and clarity in roles.  Shared ministry is not a new concept in this church; this model takes it to a new level. The congregation is the church’s foundation, electing the Board, which crafts the mission of the church.  The congregation calls a minister, who works with the Board to carry out the mission as head of staff.  Staff work in liaison with lay leaders to carry out the work of the church, in service to the mission.

When a church joins the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, we agree to affirm and promote “…the use of the democratic process within our congregations…”.  Our congregation is self-governing; we create our own dreams, make our own decisions, and turn those dreams and decisions into reality.

Board of Directors 2020-21

The church is governed by a Board made up of nine Directors. Church members are nominated for the Board by our Nominating Committee, and elected by the church members at our annual meeting held in June each year.  Officers serve a 1-year term for a maximum of 4 terms.  Directors serve a 2-year term for a maximum of 2 terms.  The duties of the Board are described in Article VII of our Church Bylaws.

2020-2021 UU Board Goals

Board meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday each month.

Our current Board members are:

Board Member Position Term Ends
Ann Hutton President June 2021
Kim Reid Vice President June 2021
Greg Turosak Secretary June 2021
Rob Harveland Treasurer June 2021
Molly Dingel Director June 2021
Sarah Hayes Director June 2021
Joe Lobl Director June 2022
Kathy Schwartz Director June 2022
David Siljenberg Director June 2022

Councils and Committees

Much of the work of the church – internal and external – is performed by teams of people who gather in councils, committees, and task groups.  Church staff members have operational responsibilities and work collaboratively with committees to ensure the smooth operation of the church and its programs.

Listed below are links to the Council and Committee descriptions describing their purpose, functions, organizational structure, and reporting requirements.  Most often, subcommittees and task groups do not have separate descriptions but perform a distinct part of the work of the larger committee under the direction of that committee.

Committees Reporting to the Board of Directors

Endowment Committee
Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Personnel Committee


Religious Education Council for Children & Youth
Social Justice Council
Hospitality and Growth Council


Caring Congregation Committee
History Committee
Memorial Garden Committee
Property Committee
Religious Education Committee (Adult)
Sophia Lyon Fahs Library Committee
Worship Committee


Bylaws, Policies, Procedures & Forms

Our Bylaws have been adopted by the congregation and the Board of Directors to establish predictable and efficient ways to work together and make sure we operate in an ethical, legal, and safe manner.


Bylaws 2019


Finance Policies
General Policies
Governance and Council Policies
Operating Committee Policies
Personnel Policies
Technology & Communication

Procedures & Forms

Emergency Closing Procedure
Personal Information Use Form
Photo-Video Opt-out Form
Reimbursement or Payment Request Form