Our Mission

To be a compassionate, welcoming community that nurtures spiritual growth and practices justice

Our Vision and Goals

Vision: Connecting to each other

We are a vibrant and caring congregation, inviting all into our circle of connection, caring, and friendship. We do this by:

  • Ensuring everyone arrives at our church feeling welcomed, accepted, and invited into community.
  • Having a dynamic and thriving variety of small group ministries to nourish and connect people.
  • Valuing each member of the community through opportunities to both give and receive care.
  • Creating activities for intergenerational life.
  • Developing diverse opportunities for fellowship, celebration, and fun.

Vision: Connecting to spirit and deeper meaning

We gather in a diverse theological and cultural community to deepen our understanding of and appreciation for life and the mystery of our existence. We do this by:

  • Creating worship services that engage us emotionally and intellectually, nurture our spiritual growth, and deepen our search for meaning.
  • Inviting creative participation, integrating the arts, and incorporating music and words that resonate with diverse theological and cultural perspectives in our worship.
  • Offering a variety of learning, sharing, and growth opportunities in order to support our individual quests for truth and meaning.
  • Creating a spiritual home where our children and youth are active and feel supported by our religious community, where they learn about our UU tradition, and where they are encouraged in the development and practice of their faith.

Vision: Connecting to the larger community

We bring our value-based UU principles to life in the wider community. We do this by:

  • Supporting, inspiring, and strengthening people who are individually working for a just, inclusive, and sustainable world.
  • Working as a congregation in direct service to others, in partnership with other communities of faith and community service organizations.
  • Organizing to work in concert on issues of justice, inclusiveness, and environmental sustainability.
  • Developing awareness in the community of our value-based approach to religious questions and how we live out our values, in order to attract people to our congregation.
  • Hosting public events and activities to create interest in the community about our congregation.

Vision: Congregation-wide stewardship

We cultivate a culture of commitment and responsibility to sustain our valued community and match our dreams. We do this by:

  • Nurturing a culture of generosity, wherein members understand that their sustained gifts of time, talent, and treasure are the foundation of our capacity to transform lives, honor our commitment to fair compensation for our staff, maintain our church home, and serve the wider world.
  • Creating clear and lively church communications to keep our members informed and connected, as well as to interest and invite those outside of our church who are seeking a religious community.
  • Recruiting, developing, training, and supporting leadership who can serve the congregation in responsible and creative ways in a changing cultural climate.
  • Reviewing regularly the organizational structure of our congregation and staff to ensure it optimally serves our mission.
  • Engendering a “safe congregation,” in which we establish healthy personal boundaries and covenants for respectful interactions, maximize our physical safety, and plan ahead for emergency situations.

Vision: Facilities that support our mission

We strive for an optimum facility that supports the mission of the church, enhances connections among members, and anticipates the future. We do this by:

  • Maintaining our building so that it is safe, efficient, comfortable, and welcoming.
  • Providing spaces that are welcoming, suitable for multiple uses, and conducive to gatherings both large and small and to both private conversations and public events.
  • Establishing a long-term program for making our church energy efficient and becoming an accredited “Green Sanctuary.”