Due to the personal information included, the membership directory page is no longer available on our website. Please log into your Realm account to see the membership directory.

Log in to your Realm account. If you don’t have a Realm account, please contact the office. If you have forgotton your Realm password, follow the above link and click “forgot password” on the Realm landing page.

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REALM Privacy Update

Because of our recent website database breach, we are moving our online directory to Realm only. Realm has it’s own security in addition to each individual having their own personal password.

Beginning February 21, your Realm contact information will default to “anyone.” Having your Realm contact information available to anyone means that members and friends will be able to see your profile photo, your address, phone number, and email address. This is the same information that was available on our website directory. However, in Realm, this information is protected by Realm’s security protocols and by your personal password.

If you do not want your contact information set to anyone, please log onto your Realm account after February 21, and change your privacy settings. 

To log into your Realm account go HERE. If you don’t remember your password, click “forgot password.” If you do not have a Realm account and are a church member, you will be sent an email from Realm after February 21, prompting you to set up an account.