Memorial Garden Committal Service in the First UU Church Memorial Garden

Dear Families with Interred Loved Ones at First Unitarian Universalist Church,

Since we will be building a new church with a memorial garden in the next few years and therefore moving we want to assure you of the intentional transfer of ashes from each area in our garden. 

            The land has been purchased at the intersection of Viola Road and East Circle Drive.  This thirty eight acres has several areas of woods, large trees and open land.  A church committee is working with an architect and both of those groups are in conversation with our current memorial garden committee.

We have identified a possible area about the size of our current memorial garden which also would be a space for benches and quiet reflection. 

            Since it is possible the church could be sold this winter we have decided to transfer appropriate samples from each area in a respectful manner.  Our committee and the minister will quietly accomplish this and save the samples of ashes in a locked closet in our current church.  As soon as the new memorial garden is ready we will then have a ceremony to inter the ashes and implant the panel of names of the interred.  We will indicate which part of the garden contains those ashes and which will be for future interments. 

            While we are still at this location you are always welcome to visit the Memorial Garden for reflection and memories.  

            We welcome your input and concerns about this move.  The new Memorial Garden will have an area with samples from each interment of our current garden and the panel of names.    

            Please contact the office.if you have questions.

Memorial services and Memorial Garden Committal services are for First UU members, former members and friends of the church.


  • Committal service
  • Interment in Memorial Garden
  • Document of Interment
  • Inscribed brass plate on Memorial Garden plaque
  • Perpetual care of the Memorial Garden
  • Maintenance of appropriate records
  • Use of Hearth Room, Commons, and Kitchen

Committal Service – Location other than First UU Church Memorial Garden

** For a church member interred at a location other than in our Memorial garden, a brass remembrance plate may be installed on the outdoor Memorial Garden interment plaque at First UU Church.  The charge for the inscribed brass plate is $250.