As of November 2023, due to the potential move of our church to a new location, there will be no addditional interments into the current Memorial Garden. We ask families to hold ashes of their family member to be interred until the new Memorial Garden is completed at the new church location.

Due to the potential sale of our building, families of those interred in our existing Memorial Garden, were notified that the minister and Memorial Garden Committee members would transfer appropriate samples from each area in a respectful manner. Our committee and the minister quietly accomplished this in the fall of 2023 and saved the samples of ashes in a locked closet in our current church. As soon as the new memorial garden is ready, we will then have a ceremony to inter the ashes and place the panel of names of the interred. We will indicate which part of the garden contains those ashes and which will be for future interments.

Our Memorial Garden Committee will update information on the new garden and guidelines as we go through the transition process.

Memorial services and Memorial Garden Committal services are for First UU members, former members and friends of the church.


  • Committal service
  • Interment in Memorial Garden
  • Document of Interment
  • Engraved bronze plate on Memorial Garden panel of names
  • Engraved brass plate “In Loving Memory” plaque
  • Perpetual care of the Memorial Garden
  • Maintenance of appropriate records
  • Use of Hearth Room, Commons, and Kitchen

Committal Service – Location other than First UU Church Memorial Garden

** For a church member, former members, and friends of the church interred at a location other than in our Memorial garden, a brass remembrance plate may be installed on the indoor “In Loving Memory” plaque at First UU Church.  The charge for the inscribed brass plate is $50.