Many people walk through our doors feeling that their life is missing something very important. Once here, they discover what it is they are lacking- a sense of belonging to a spiritual community.

Ours is a non-creedal religion. There is no set of doctrines you must adhere to or creed you must recite, to be a part of our community. We follow the 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and agree to learn, grow, work, and play together. We do not all have the same beliefs–we may disagree about the nature of Jesus or Buddha, or whether or not God exists, or what happens when we die. What we agree upon is to walk together despite our differences, and to grow because of them.

To find out more about our community, we encourage you to come to Sunday worship. We typically meet at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. September through May (10 a.m. from May to September).

What You Can Expect from First UU

Support and Comfort: Here you can expect a community that, if given the opportunity, will support and comfort you during personal and family transitions and passages.

Opportunities for Growth: You can expect any number of social, educational, and spiritual opportunities as ways to broaden friendships and self-understanding. You can expect to be challenged in your theological assumptions, nudged to explore beyond the accepted and everyday religious “sound bites,” urged to deepen your spirituality, and to be supported in your search for a meaningful faith.

Engagement and Acceptance: You can find free-thinking religious liberals who place great value on freedom, reason, and engagement toward understanding one another. You should expect to be supported as you practice different spiritual paths within our principles.

Religious Education for Children and Youth: If you have children, you can expect an environment and program that will support them in their own questioning. We have an outstanding children’s program with a high commitment from adults.

Being Part of Our Community: When you become a part of our church, you become a part of a living, growing institution. Our church community is one of giving and taking, supporting and nurturing, exploring and growing. We know that we are better together than we are when we’re alone.