In the fall of 2018, we began a process to imagine the future of our building and grounds. A Building Our Future Team was formed to guide this process, gathering information from architectural, real estate, and fundraising consultants. Below is a timeline, updates, meeting links and previous forums. Join the conversation as we build a future to support our mission of being a welcoming, compassionate community that nurtures spirituality and practices justice.

Building Our Future Core Values: A Mission-Based Summary of Hopes from the Congregation

Building Program Statement 

Challenges presented by our current facility as identified by congregational input, architectural surveys and team research

Building Our Future Team: Greg Turosak, Gail Bishop, George Huston, Karmen Frana, Ann Hutton, Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer

A Timeline

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The Building Our Future team has created a document containing information for 24 properties (bare undeveloped land) in the Rochester area which have been listed during the past couple of years. The document includes price, size, location and pictures of the properties, and will be updated as new listings are posted. Several congregants have requested this information as part of the discernment process as part of being informed for the future congregational votes. 

Special Announcement Letter – January 2021
Letter from Donor

Previous Forums

Watch the May 16, 2021 forum HERE.

Watch the February 21, 2021 forum HERE.

Watch the December 9, 2020 forum HERE.

Watch the March 1, 2020 forum HERE.

Documents and Additional Information

Building Our Future Beyond Ourselves Program Statement –  An ever growing list of descriptive phrases shared by members and friends describing positive aspects of a building and grounds

February 21, 2021 PowerPoint Presentation
December 2021 PowerPoint Presentation
March 1, 2020 PowerPoint Presentation

Map of UU Households