Tentative Building Our Future Timeline

Fall 2024
Permitting process with City of Rochester

June-August Prepare Schematic Designs

Congregational Vision

Welcome people with inclusive spaces and universal access.
Nurture spirituality and personal growth with beauty, art, and inspiration.
Practice justice with eco-restorative design.
Expand our community with flexible and multi-purpose space.
Create joy and resilience with places for play.
Care for sacred space to honor ancestors and nature.
Grow by embodying the intersection of public witness and preserved wilderness.

In the fall of 2018, our church began a process to imagine the future of our building and grounds. A Building Our Future/Beyond Ourselves team was formed to guide this process, gathering information from congregants and from architects and other experts. Below are links to information compiled in this process. Join the conversation as we build a future to support our mission of being a welcoming, compassionate community that nurtures spirituality and practices justice.

Members of your Building Our Future/Beyond Ourselves team: Gail Bishop, Katherine Logan, Greg Turosak, George Huston, Ann Hutton, Walt Rothwell, Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer