Shared Ministry is our church’s governance model in which the mission of our church is shared among lay leaders and professional staff. Our mission, rooted in Unitarian Universalist values and principles, is guided by the members of the church who elect our Board and call our Minister. In turn, the Board empowers teams made of church leaders and staff to envision how the spiritual, physical, social, financial, and justice goals of our church can be met most effectively. As members of the teams, staff takes care of administrative responsibilities, freeing up teams to focus on the mission of our church – to foster spiritual growth and practice justice.  

What are the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church’s Shared Ministry Teams? 

  • Congregational Life – Creates a welcoming church that nourishes connection and community. Areas of focus/groups: chalice circles, cook teams, hospitality team, fellowship activities, and small groups.
  • Faith Development – Provides opportunities for spiritual development for all ages. Areas of focus/groups: classes for all ages, family, and parent groups.
  • Worship & Music – Enhances spiritual life through worship and music. Areas of focus/ groups: worship associates, choirs, and featured and guest musicians.
  • Social Justice – Encourages and equips the church for the collective practice of justice and service. Areas of focus/ groups: welcoming congregation, racial justice, accessibility & inclusion, immigration, environmental justice, and community volunteering.
  • Financial Stewardship – Supports the financial health of the church and a culture of generosity. Areas of focus/groups: pledge campaign, service auction, and endowment.
  • Administration – Supports church programs by caretaking our property and communications. Areas of focus/groups: property, design, memorial garden, library, and history.

The overarching Shared Ministry teams are appointed by the board.  The groups within each shared ministry area are open to anyone who would like to participate. 

How are congregants selected for participation on teams?

Each shared ministry team is comprised of one or more staff members, Board representatives and two or more members of the congregation. When a member’s term ends, that Shared Ministry Team may identify any skills or background that would be preferred when considering church members to fill the vacancy. Vacancies for open positions may be shared with the congregation so that church members may indicate an interest in serving on a Shared Ministry Team. The Board of Directors will consult with Shared Ministry Teams, the Nominating Committee, and staff for recommendations of church members to serve on Shared Ministry Teams for a two or three-year term.  Any vacancies that occur mid-year will be filled by the Board.

What happens during Shared Ministry Team meetings?

Meetings of the Shared Ministry Teams typically take place quarterly and are open to all church members. During these meetings, teams work to envision best practices in each program area in service to the mission and goals of the church.  In addition, each team provides support to groups and activities in its program area.  

If you would be interested in serving on a Shared Ministry Team, attending a meeting, or learning more about what Shared Ministry Teams do to support our church, please contact any member of a Shared Ministry Team.