Sunday mornings at 10:00 am Worship services, featuring meaningful sermons and joyful music. Children start the service with us and are invited to attend a portion of the service, followed by Religious Education classes. Childcare is available in our Nursery for babies and toddlers (6 months to 3 years).

Fellowship time for coffee and conversation follow the 10:00 am service in our Commons area.

July 2 – The Joy of Small Things

In the chaos, bustle, hurry, and joy of the summer season, where are you finding peace, stillness, and simplicity? Many of our poets and teachers speak of small things- of the mundane, and they often find such joy and contentment there. What are the small things in your life? Where do you find your simple joys?

Jack Gaede, Worship Leader
Erin Froud, Worship Associate
Mike Anderson, piano

July 9 – Look Around at How Lucky We Are to be Alive Right Now

Art invites us to view something familiar in a new way. Let’s use “Hamilton: An American Musical” as a new way to understand the creation of the country we want, and to heal the country we have.

Rev. Kelli Clement, Worship Leader
Greg Wimmer, Worship Associate
Jaymi Wilson, piano

July 16 – Dancing in the Fires of Change

Symbolically, fire epitomizes change and transformation, the unpredictable and uncontrollable essence of nature, of life itself. From the inspirational spark that sets it all in motion to the residual ashes from which new life springs, the dance through the flames can be exhilarating, exhausting, sometimes perilous, and best approached with an attitude of flexibility and a spirit of adventure. 

Rev. Char Tarashanti, Worship Leader
Linda Blouin, Worship Associate
Laurie Helmers, piano

July 23 – The Power of Telling the Truth: A Celebration of Gender

Debra Davis will tell her story and talk about her guiding principles of life.

Debra Davis, Worship Leader
Erin Froud, Worship Associate
Teresa Tolmie, piano

July 30 – Spiritual Growth Through Creativity

UU Creative Spirits Group, Worship Leaders
Anne Black-Sinak, Worship Associate
Jaymi Wilson, piano