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Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established to further the mission of the Church beyond its normal operating budget. Restrictions were placed on the amount that can be withdrawn each year and the funds can be used for only three purposes:

  • To improve the Church’s building and grounds in a manner beyond routine and periodic maintenance;
  • To fund social outreach projects in the community at large, and
  • To help the Church manage financial emergencies.

Members are also encouraged to leave a bequest of at least five times their annual pledge to the Endowment through planned giving.

The Endowment fund is governed by Article XVI of our Bylaws.

Human Needs Fund

The purpose of the Human Needs Fund is to provide monetary support to members in times of need and to improve accessibility and remove barriers to full participation in the life of the church community.

The Human Needs Fund is governed by our Human Needs Fund policy.

Memorial and Commemorative Fund

The Memorial and Commemorative Fund receives contributions in memory of or in honor of congregants and is used for projects that enhance the physical beauty or usefulness of our church building and grounds over a number of years.

The Memorial and Commemorative Fund is governed by our Memorial and Commemorative Fund policy.

Memorial Garden Fund

The Memorial Garden Fund consists of funds received from individuals donating to the garden or purchasing internment space. It is used for maintenance and improvement of the garden.

Other Donations

When you want to make a gift to the church in addition to your annual pledge, you have several options. You may give cash, appreciated stocks or mutual funds, or other financial instruments. For more information on the logistics of transferring such assets to our church, contact our Records Administrator, Connie Schuelka.