Directions for using Libib, the Library’s cataloging software

Go to:

  • Search our database to find whether we have a book. Type one or more words in the Search Bar and press Return. Results will be listed in the order of relevance, beginning with books with your search word(s) in the title, continuing with books with your search word in the “tags” (subject headings), and ending with books with your search word(s) in the description of the book. You can also search by author name in the same search box. A search will include both the Adult Library and the Children’s Library unless you check “Limit search to (_______) Library.
  • See the list of subject headings by pressing Tag List. To find the books in a particular subject area, touch the subject heading and then close the tag list.
  • Scroll through all our titles or touch a letter and then scroll through only titles that begin with that letter. Scrolling is library-specific, so If the library you want to scroll through (Adult or Children’s) is not listed at the top of the screen, touch the three lines on the left side of the blue bar and select the preferred library.

When you find a book, you will see some or all of the following: a picture of its cover, the number of copies available for checkout, cataloging information, a description of the book, and the subject headings we have used. (You may need to touch the book cover to see this information.) To find a book on the shelves of the Adult Library, look for the number in the Call # field.

Electronic self-checkout is being explored for the future. Stay tuned!