Our Mission: To be a compassionate, welcoming community that nurtures spiritual growth and practices justice.

At this time, we are reimagining Racial Justice in our congregation and greater community. While much or our work continues through various UU groups, racial justice is part of all we do.

Racial Justice Goals:

  • Combat racism and its variant forms
  • Hold local institutions accountable for eliminating institutional racism
  • Continue discernment activities leading to a vote on the Immigrant Rights and Sanctuary resolution (if the resolution is approved, begin implementation of sanctuary support activities)
  • Increase congregational involvement in the NAACP volunteer reading program
  • Continue to collaborate with area organizations to improve School District performance on achievement gaps, discipline disparities, and school integration
  • Begin to address congregational education with regard to Olmsted County Racial Attitude Survey results and issues of white privilege

We seek to understand our own role in oppression and injustice, create opportunities to explore the dynamics of racism, support, and partner the wider community. All are welcome to take part and encouraged to participate in scheduled events.

Immigrant Justice

The Racial Justice Task Group proposed a Congregational Resolution Addressing Immigrant Rights and Sanctuary, the Resolution passed by an overwhelming margin (72% of congregants voted and 93% of those voted to pass the Resolution). As of February 21, 2018, our church is a full sanctuary church.

Letters from the Board and Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer on becoming a full Sanctuary Church (Sanctuary Letters)

When one of us is at risk of deportation, none of us are truly free. When policymakers target people who are served by programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS), we refuse to be divided. Click here to learn more about DACA.

Partnership with NAACP (Rochester Public Schools)

Reading project at Riverside Central Elementary School (click for more information)

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