Every time you cross the threshold of this church, you enter into a story in progress: A story that started over 150 years ago in Rochester, with traces through history to roots of religious pluralism, radical inclusion, and ethical action. It is a story of people willing to speak their truth that all people have worth and dignity, that this world is beautiful, and that we are called to be our best selves.

This story is built on the dedication and hard work of generations of people, answering the call of ordinary, and at times extraordinary, work. Making coffee, shoveling snow, preparing lessons, rehearsing music, protesting in the streets, and opening our doors to someone who has been told they are unworthy, for whatever reason – and here, they find their people, they find their home.

The story doesn’t end there. Each day, because of this church, people’s lives are changed, deepened, and challenged to be their best selves and to know that here they are named and known as beloved.

To keep the story alive, and to keep our doors open as wide as we can, we trust in the generosity of our people. Sharing our time, talents, and treasures is the only way this story stays alive.  We ask you to join us to pledge both your heart and your treasure to keep our story alive.

Fair Share Giving Guide for the First Unitarian Universalist Church

This is a guide and is not intended to encourage members to pledge more than they can afford. If you have high student loan or medical expenses, for example, pledge at a lower percentage than suggested. If those who can afford to do so pledge at these suggested levels, our church will thrive.

Annual Income
(adjusted gross
Suggested %
of income
with 'normal'
Suggested %
of income
with below
'normal' expenses*

*’Normal’ expenses include things like housing and childcare expenses which, on average in the Midwest, total 45-50% of income for households with children.