Welcome to our newest members!

Lori Wrightson Elward             Beth & Tony Thompson and their daughter








Earl and Penny Jacobsen
To fulfill a need to belong. To satisfy the need to serve. To recognize that Jesus was a good man, teacher, leader, but without the baggage of virgin birth, trinity, creeds, and pledges to a doctrine that is no longer believable. To emphasize the worth of a person regardless of the color of skin, sexual orientation or different beliefs.

Attending church here during the past two years has been an uplifting worship experience and I hope to become an active, contributing member. It’s a pleasure to attend a church where I don’t have to EDIT or CROSS MY FINGERS during the service. I like being here where I can accept and literally believe what I’m hearing and singing.

Kathy and Joe Schwartz
I feel the positive and warm embrace of the 1st UU Church and all it’s people whenever I am involved in any activity here. I believe I am sharing my faith through hugs and handshakes, smiles and tears, whether in volunteering or participating. First UU fulfills my desire to learn, to explore and to appreciate this new community. And, I expect everyone to participate in the April 20 and 21st Clara Barton sponsored Spring Rummage Sale!

I am excited about joining the 1st UU Church and becoming a part of this caring congregation. After so many years of living with strict doctrines, 1st UU provides me the opportunity to define my beliefs based on truth and meaning. I look forward to participating in the social justice and community-building goals of the church.

Molly McMillen
I join this church with the comfort of knowing I won’t be judged by what I believe or don’t believe, or more importantly that I don’t know what I believe. I am committed to social justice and helping others and have finally found a community where I believe I can make a real change. I am committed to this church and will support it wholeheartedly and humbly.




Jay Smith
I believe I’ve found a place where others walk the same path I’ve been led to. During the “This I Believe” talks a few Sundays back, I heard one of our speakers say that she celebrated both the diversity of our faith traditions and the challenge to our thinking this awareness provides. She described our UU connection as finding her “Tribe”, and I can relate to that. Open-minded seekers and thinkers; each of us unique in our own way – working together to make a positive difference in the world we live in. I want to be a part of that.”




John Drussell                              Judith Keeler-Burshem with her girls







Luke & Jenna Stevens-Royer
Luke & Jenna Stevens-Royer, and daughters Louisa and Clara, are so glad to be making a home here in Rochester, and a spiritual home for their family here at First Church.  Though thoroughly welcomed throughout this year, they are glad to become official members by adding their names among the generations of people who have created, and are still creating, this church.