Welcome to our newest members!

Tony and Jen Charlebois
We are proud to be part of such a safe and welcoming group of people. The UU church has brought a greater sense of community and connection to our lives. We look forward to the sanctuary we find here on Sundays and the opportunities available through the church for volunteering. This is a space where we feel heard, supported, accepted, and valued. Also, where else can you here “Ripple” played by a band and “Come Together” played on a pipe organ on a Sunday morning?

Stephan Hohmann and Sophia Schelcher

Paul and Karen Trewartha-Weiner


Cole Beetcher  –  I have always been a member of this church but now I am old enough to officially join and start giving back to this wonderful place.




Ethan Eggler  –  This is the family that raised me as much as my own nuclear family. I belong here as much as I belong anywhere, and this place has shaped me like no other.



Autumn Harff  –  I’d like to become a member because this is a family I’m actually proud to be a part of (😜😇 love you mom and dad!).



Theresa Kallmes  –  I have been going to this church now for over a decade (I know, I’m so old), and I have appreciated the way that people are allowed to voice their own opinions at this church, especially on controversial topics. I have also come to love the people who are involved with the church, and by becoming a member, I hope to stay connected to such a loving community.


Aaron & Laura McGrath  –  We were looking for a spiritual community for our family, a place to help guide our children, and found it here. We have been warmly welcomed and are excited to grow, learn, and serve.



Debi Neville  –  The welcoming spirit, the acceptance of all peoples, nurturing the sense of community and nature; practicing respect and emphasizing justice feels like coming home. Thank you to daughter Mariah Mihm for opening this door!


Jennifer Ruehle  –  I became a UU about 22 years ago when I was seeking a community that was right with my soul and one that would also help me raise my two children. Years later, after a divorce, having taken a few years break from church and an empty nester, I find myself looking for a spiritual community as a newly engaged and new resident of Rochester. Thanks to all of you and Luke, I am excited and ready to become a member of this church. I have found First Unitarian Universalist Church to be a vibrant spiritual community that is welcoming, accepting, supportive, inquisitive, inspiring, collaborative, educating, comforting, engaging, respectful and loving. These qualities are very important to me, speak to my soul and comfort it as well.
I am excited to meet all of you and become a part of this community.