We need both volunteer service and financial support to fulfill our mission. We have a vision of a warm, welcoming facility with a strong child and adult religious education program, vibrant and engaging religious services, and active social justice efforts. Achieving these visions requires that we devote financial resources to our building, our staff, and our community. All of us need to pledge as generously as our means permit.

How do I pledge?

  • Fill out a Financial Commitment Form and return it to Connie Schuelka, our Records Administrator.
  • Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization form if you choose that option on the Financial Commitment Form. We encourage an automatic withdrawal from your bank account in order to enhance church cash flow and let us budget with a long-term perspective.
  • Donate appreciated securities if that option is right for you.
  • Direct all questions and completed forms to:
    Connie Schuelka, Records Administrator
    1727 Walden Hill Lane SW
    Rochester, MN 55902

How much should I pledge?

We have developed the following guide reflecting the cost of living in our area and the different life stages and income levels of our community. It is intended to encourage generosity, but it is only a guide. We do not encourage members to pledge more than they can afford. If you have high student loan or medical expenses, for example, pledge at a lower percentage than suggested. If those who can afford to do so pledge at these suggested levels, our church will thrive.