Our shared ministry relies on a staff paid fairly for the hours we need, in a building that is heated and weather-proofed, on a property that has its parking lots plowed, and on programs that involve and serve us and our community. Our mission requires that we invest in the programs and facilities that bring it about. We agree on our mission and visions for a thriving church; we need to invest generously to make it so.

Stewardship is how we facilitate generosity. Please think about what your support can mean and above all, welcome your stewardship visitor. Nobody expects anyone to pledge beyond their means, but we do hope that all of us will pledge as generously as our means permit

We have many opportunities to support our Unitarian Universalist faith.

Annual Giving
Each member and friend of the church is asked to make a financial pledge.

Special Donations
The Endowment Fund, Human Needs Fund, Memorial and Gift Fund, and Memorial Garden Fund allow you to restrict the use donations above and beyond your pledge for purposes that may be particularly meaningful for you.

Planned Giving
Many types of deferred gifts fall into this category, but the most common is a bequest made in your will.

150th Jumpstarter Fund
As we celebrate our 150th Anniversary, we recognize that it is by the vision and generosity of our predecessors that we are here. Through these 150 years, our members have worked to create a warm welcoming environment, offering vibrant worship services, strong education programs, and a gathering place for church members and the community.

Aside from the responsibilities undertaken by our small staff, everything that happens at our church arises from the generosity of our members and friends. We thrive to the extent that we share our time and energy with each other.