Members and friends of the First Unitarian Universalist Church have many reasons for being part of this religious community. Often people say they come for their children, but end up staying for themselves. Some just love to sing and quickly find their place in the choir. Others seek spiritual or personal inspiration for daily living, while still others want to add their passion for social or environmental justice causes we support. Some members are retired and may choose to become quite deeply involved in one or more of the Fellowship’s many activities.

We encourage your involvement in whatever best fits your interests. Explore some of the many opportunities to serve that will nurture your personal and spiritual growth and serve the congregation and wider community.
Download our Get Involved pamphlet or contact the Coordinator of Congregational Life.

Fellowship, Fundraising, and Fun
Book Clubs
Caring Crafters – Creating handmade gifts for people facing challenges, crisis, or grief.
Good Cheers! – A young adult get-together
Sunday hospitality
Walden Hill Wednesday cook team member

Small-Group Ministries and Music
Buddhist Interest Group
Chalice Circles – Enriching our community with conversation and attentiveness.
Walden Hill Vocal Ensemble member
Zen Meditation – Meditation taught in the Soto Zen Buddhist Tradition.

Faith Development/Religious Education
Assist in teaching Sunday classes (curriculum provided)
Children and Youth
Youth Groups
Coming of Age (COA) – A religious education program that is equivalent to other denominations’ confirmation.
Summer camp volunteer
Sunday School
Nursery Helper

Side With Love – Social Justice Groups
Accessibility & Inclusion Team (AIM Team)
Welcoming Congregation (LBGTQ) Task Group
Racial Justice Task Group – Addressing racial justice in our community through education, exploration, and engagement.