One of the most important functions of a church community is to support one another in times of distress. No matter what one’s age or circumstances, none of us is immune from the stresses of illness, grief, or unemployment, feelings of isolation, and times when we are just plain overwhelmed. Our Caring Ministry extends care to those in the midst of a transition, crisis, or need. It also offers people the opportunity to care for others.

Asking for Help

Knowing about illness, loneliness, problems of aging, or times of stress among our congregation is the first step in being able to help one another. If you are in need or someone you know in the congregation is in need of meals, transportation, home or hospital visits, or other assistance:

  • Call the church office at 282-5209. Your request will be directed to the Coordinator of Congregational Life and the Caring Committee.
  • Contact our Coordinator of Congregational Life directly.

Providing Help and Support

Coordinator of Congregational Life
This staff member assists the minister, staff, and congregants in providing contact and care for congregants in times of crisis such as illness, hospitalization, job loss, or grief. For more information about any of the opportunities described below, contact our Coordinator of Congregational Life.

Caring Congregation Committee: Purpose Statement

The First UU Caring Congregation Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who strive to offer comfort, congratulations and sympathy to members and friends of the church. We do this with phone chats, meals, rides, visits, cards and other help as needs and events arise. The Care Coordinators and our long list of volunteers are not trained or equipped to provide medical services, specialized transport, or heavy lifting. Our help is meant to be on a short-term rather than a long-term or chronic basis. The help we do offer we try to give with TLC, enthusiasm & imagination.

Caring Coordinator
On a two-week rotation, a volunteer Caring Coordinator organizes support and care for congregants who experience loss or medical problems or have other needs. Coordinators enlist the help of congregants who have expressed interest in providing assistance. The Caring Committee also acknowledges special events in the lives of congregants, such as births and marriages. The Coordinators are listed in the Sunday bulletin, our Weekly eNews, and the monthly newsletter, the Venture. Please let them know when a congregant might need extra support. Whether in times of need or times of joy, the Caring Committee supports others by:

  • Sending supportive notes and cards
  • E-mailing or phoning
  • Helping with transportation
  • Offering meals
  • Visiting homes or hospitals
  • Running an errand
  • Keeping in touch with our youth after they graduate

Our committee would be delighted to have additional Coordinators and/or to add your name to our list of volunteers for occasional assistance as described above. Please contact our Coordinator of Congregational Life to share your area of interest.

Caring Groups

Caring Crafters
The Caring Crafters use their talents to bring comfort or joy to congregants. We get together to knit, crochet, quilt, and weave items for the Minister and the Coordinator of Congregational Life to give to congregants facing challenges, crisis, or grief. We make tied fleece blankets to give to our Coming of Age graduates and will consider a variety of fiber projects to meet the needs in our congregation and the greater community. Come learn a new skill, teach your skills, or simply craft and chat. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 1–3 p.m. in the Commons or Hearth Room.

Support Groups
When dealing with life’s issues, some people find it comforting to be with others in a similar situation. A support group is a way to bring congregants together and provide an informational, supportive, and safe place to express feelings and reduce stress. The Coordinator of Congregational Life is always willing to help start up a new group. Once three people are interested, we begin a new group.

Other Ways of Caring

Embracing Meditation
If you have a joy or sorrow that you would like to have shared during an upcoming Sunday service contact the Coordinator of Congregational Life at the church or let the minister know before the service on Sunday morning. The information shared during a Sunday service will also be included in our Weekly eNews in order to keep our entire church community up to date on congregants who need our support and care.

Human Needs Fund
The Human Needs Fund is available to provide monetary support to congregants facing an emergency financial situation. The Fund is managed by our Minister and Coordinator of Congregational Life. Contributions to the Human Needs Fund are gratefully accepted at any time.