Welcome to First Unitarian Universalist Church!

This is a congregation and a tradition of big hearts. We are a church built on long histories of justice, inclusion, service, pluralism, beauty, wonder, and awe.

Ours is a faith that believes wisdom speaks from many sources: ancient scripture, modern poetry, science and the arts. We seek wisdom from many teachers, including the wisdom from our own lived experience. And those sources and those teachers call us to live lives of justice and radical hospitality in the wider world, beginning right here in our church. We strive to live in right relationship with marginalized communities, with the earth, and with one another for the health and flourishing of our world.

I want you to know that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, and however you identify yourself, we will hold your story here with compassion and reverence. I would be glad to hear your story, and how together, we might practice justice and grow our spirits. It is my hope you find a home here for your soul.

In faith,
Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, Minister

To find out more about our community, we encourage you to come to Sunday worship. We typically meet at 9 am and 11 am September through May (10 am from May to September).

What You Can Expect from First UU

Support and Comfort: Here you can expect a community that, if given the opportunity, will support and comfort you during personal and family transitions and passages.

Opportunities for Growth: You can expect any number of social, educational, and spiritual opportunities as ways to broaden friendships and self-understanding. You can expect to be challenged in your theological assumptions, nudged to explore beyond the accepted and everyday religious “sound bites,” urged to deepen your spirituality, and to be supported in your search for a meaningful faith.

Engagement and Acceptance: You can find free-thinking religious liberals who place great value on freedom, reason, and engagement toward understanding one another. You should expect to be supported as you practice different spiritual paths within our principles.

Faith Development for Children, Youth, and Adults: Faith Development is a life-long, personal journey.  Our children and youth programs encourage participants to explore their questions through our 6 Sources and 7 UU Principles.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Adults are also encouraged explore and reflect on their personal faith development, be it in small groups or individual studies.

Being Part of Our Community: When you become a part of our church, you become a part of a living, growing institution. Our church community is one of supporting and nurturing, exploring and growing. We know that we are better together than we are when we’re alone.