January 2024
• Hold congregational forums for feedback on the revised conceptual design.
• Place the Walden Lane property on the commercial market.
• Apply to the city for annexing the land into the city.
• Apply to the county for access permit(s) from county road(s).
February 2024
Conduct the Capital Campaign.
March 2024
Prepare a development plan and negotiate a development agreement with the city.

Tentative timeline and key milestones as known at this time:

April – June 2024
April 24, 2024 Annexation request to Planning & Zoning
Mid-April 2024 Rev5 to Rev6 changes incorporated; Concept Design phase complete
April-May Engage construction advisor
April-June Rev. Luke on sabbatical
May 20, 2024 Annexation request to City Council
May 2024 Negotiate new contract(s) with Locus Architecture
May – July Negotiate Development Agreement with City of Rochester

June – Fall 2024
Permitting process with City of Rochester
June-August Prepare Schematic Designs
Fall 2024 Begin preparation of construction documents
December 2024 Request construction bids from area builders

2025 and beyond
February 2025 Conclude negotiations for construction
Spring 2025 Groundbreaking and begin construction; anticipate 12 months
Fall 2026 Building dedication

TBD Sale of Walden Lane building
TBD Removal of stained glass for storage
TBD Removal of organ for storage
TBD Transition of spaces & materials, as needed
TBD Rental of temporary space, as needed