January 2024
• Hold congregational forums for feedback on the revised conceptual design.
• Place the Walden Lane property on the commercial market.
• Apply to the city for annexing the land into the city.
• Apply to the county for access permit(s) from county road(s).
February 2024
Conduct the Capital Campaign.
March 2024
Prepare a development plan and negotiate a development agreement with the city.
April – May 2024
Create schematic designs to add detail to the design.
June 2024
Annexation completed.
July – August 2024
Finalize and sign development agreement.
September – October 2024
Prepare construction plans and specifications.
November 2024
Apply for building permits.
December 2024 – January 2025
Receive bidding documents and/or negotiate with contractors.
April 2025
Ground breaking ceremony.
April 2025 – May 2026
June 2026
Commissioning (working the building systems to set up the proper operation).
July – August 2026
September 2026
Building dedication.