Building Our Future: Foundation Teams
Core Team: Ann Hutton (co-lead), George Huston (co-lead), Gail Bishop, Dave Edmonson, Katherine Logan, Greg Turosak, Walt Rothwell

Foundational Values & Teams

Gratitude – Teams focused on appreciating and honoring our history through special events, community projects, rituals of leaving and curating what comes with us, etc. 

Team: Walt Rothwell (lead), Kim Edson, Julie & Jeff Larson Keller, Beth Atkinson

Creativity – Teams focused on finalizing locations, coordinating a design process with architects, and engaging the congregation to imagine and create our new space. 

Location Team: George Huston (co-lead), Greg Turosak (co-lead), John Helmers, Ann Hutton, Katherine Logan, Dave Pesch, Alex Mayer

Design Team: Ann Hutton (lead), George Huston, Greg Turosak, Jennifer Dens Higano, Karmen & Drew Frana, Marv Mitchell, Joe Schwartz, Claire Nelson, Anne Black-Sinak, Jade Joyce

Green Team: Katherine Logan (lead), Andi Sutton, Phil Wheeler, Kirk Payne, Folke Arbin, Kay Eberman, Ann Sigford

Energy Team: Dave Edmonson, George Hustion,

Generosity – Teams focused on gifts in support of our future, including helping coordinate a feasibility study and a capital campaign. 

Team: Gail Bishop (lead), John Helmers, Craig Wruck, Laurel Podulke Smith