Core Team
Team members serve as an initial point of contact with project professionals, the congregation, and

church leaders.

Members: Ann Hutton (co-team leader), George Huston (co-team leader), Gail Bishop, Greg Turosak, John Helmers, Walt Rothwell, Katherine Logan, Jean Murray

Gratitude Team
Team members are working to catalog historical items to be displayed at the Viola church and are

planning events to commemorate our time at Walden Lane.

Members: Walt Rothwell (team leader), Beth Atkinson, Kim Edson, Barb Foss, Ronice & Gary Donovan, Paul Scanlon, The History Committee

Location Team
Team members work with the city and county for various Viola land issues and needs. The team also

works with the Realtor to monitor all activity and needs associated with the sale of the Walden Lane
building and grounds.

Members: Greg Turosak (team leader), Dave Pesch, John Helmers, George Houston, Ann Hutton, Gail Bishop

Architectural Design Team
Team members research best practices and make recommendations to the Core Team on design,

AV/IT, and kitchen elements.

  • Design Team: Anne Black-Sinak, Gail Eadie, Erika Fetterman, Drew Frana, Karmen Frana, Jennifer Dens Higano, George Huston, Ann Hutton, Jade Joyce, Marv Mitchell, Claire Nelson, Kim Reid, Joe Schwartz, Kathy Shepel
  • A/V and IT Team: Drew Frana, George Huston, Ann Hutton, Marv Mitchell, Jay Smith
  • Kitchen Team: Cynthia Daube, Gail Eadie, Erika Fetterman, George Huston, Ann Hutton, Roxanne Schlasner, Margo Stich

Energy and Sustainability Team
Team members develop and define an energy and sustainability plan to implement at the Viola site.

Members: Kim Reid (co-team leader), Randy Stone (co-team leader), George Huston, John Helmers, Ray Phelps-Bowman, Alex Higano, Andy Schram, Tammy Watson-Schram, Barb Foss, Paul Trewartha-Weiner, Bill Thompson

Green Team
Team members are creating a plan for future uses of the Viola land, including developing a

Stewardship Management Plan. They host multiple workdays throughout the year clearing invasive
shrubs and plants and making trails.

Members: Katherine Logan (co-team leader), Ann Sigford (co-team leader), Patty Trnka, Kirk Payne, Folke Arbin, Phil Wheeler

Generosity Team
Team members commissioned a feasibility study and designed, organized, and continue to run a

successful capital campaign.

Members: Gail Bishop (team leader), Jamie Bingner-Care, Laurel Podulke-Smith