Board Recommendation April 30, 2023:

Dear First UU Church,

Earlier this month the Board announced that, due to a quickly moving real estate market, we had submitted an offer for the Viola Road property. Over the past few weeks, the Building Our Future Team, in conjunction with Locus Architecture, has been gathering the information we needed to determine whether the Viola property is suitable for building a new church. With what they have learned, the Building Our Future Team has recommended the Viola Road property as the best choice for our future church location. 

The Board unanimously supports this recommendation, and asks for the congregation’s vote of approval to finalize the purchase. The Board would like to invite you to a special property forum this Wednesday, May 3, at 6:30 pm, after the Tupper Supper to learn more about the rationale behind the Board’s recommendation and to answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday’s forum will also kick off a church property vote that will run from Wednesday May 3 – Sunday May 7. In order to move forward, a quorum of at least 30% of the church members must vote, and of those voting 51% or more must be in favor of the Viola Road location. Per our bylaws, those who have been members for at least 60 days are eligible to vote. Members who joined prior to March 9, 2023 can vote. Please contact the office if you have questions or need verification of your membership. If the congregation votes to approve the Viola Road property as our next church home, we will finalize the purchase of the property on May 10.

We encourage you to drive by the Viola Road property to see it, if you haven’t already done so. In addition, you may view drone video footage of the property HERE.  If you choose to explore the property, please keep in mind that we do not yet own the property, and we require that you complete a liability release available HERE.

This is an exciting and historic time for our congregation. We hope that you will join us at the forum Wednesday, May 3 to learn more.

In Faith,

Your Board of Directors

Kim Reid, President
Paul Trewartha-Weiner, Vice President
Kim Edson, Secretary
John Helmers, Treasurer
Members at Large: Briana Berg, Molly Dingel, Jodi Edmonson, Walt Rothwell, and John Tacinelli