Board Recommendation on Stay vs. Go Vote

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At the January 11 Forum, the Building Our Future/Beyond Ourselves team shared the team’s recommendation that a “Go” vote in the January Congregational Vote will provide the best way forward to meet our needs and live our mission. At a Special Meeting of the Board on January 12, the board discussed the Building Our Future team’s recommendation, the information gathered at the forums and Congregational input. The Board has voted unanimously to support and affirm the recommendation for a “Go” vote in the January Congregational vote. This vote is the first of several votes we will have regarding our building needs, but it is an important vote that will guide us in focusing the energy, time and fiscal resources that will be needed to move forward in the building process. If you are looking for more information to assist you in making a decision on your vote, you can review any of the information presented during the forums this fall/winter and at the upcoming Board Forum on January 18th. Voting information, as well as past presentations and other resources, can be found on our website:

Voting Information
The Congregational Vote will take place during the week of January 22 – 29. The Board would like to
encourage all members of First UU to vote in this Congregational Vote – either electronically or in person.
Your voice is important in this process! If you would like to vote in person, there will be opportunities to
vote at church on Sunday, January 22; Wednesday, January 25 during the Tupper Supper; and during
church on Sunday, January 29. An email with electronic voting information will be sent out on January 22
that will allow for electronic voting through Survey Monkey for those who prefer to vote electronically.
You may also call the office for a voice vote or to have a paper ballot mailed to you (it must be received by the church office no later than 3PM on Sunday, January 29). If you have any questions about how to vote, please contact the church office.
We are grateful for the commitment of the Building our Future Team and the engagement of the
congregation throughout this process. Together, may we nurture our mission of welcome, compassion,
spirituality and justice.

In faith,
The Board of Directors
Kim Reid, Paul Trewartha-Weiner, John Helmers, Kim Edson, Brianna Berg, Molly Dingel, Jodi Edmonson,
Walt Rothwell & John Tacinelli

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