We are partnering with PossAbilities as our Service Auction Charity

Supporting People with Disabilities

People with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States.

One in ten Minnesotans live with one or more disabilities. 12,500 individuals in Olmsted County are considered disabled, and this number is expected to continue to grow exponentially over the next decade.

At some point in our lives, most of us will develop a disability, know someone who has one, or both.

PossAbilities, the oldest day service provider in Olmsted County and one of the oldest in the state, has been advocating for the civil and human rights for people with disabilities for more than 65 years. With roots leading back to three mothers who wanted better lives for their children with disabilities, PossAbilities believes in the core value that all Minnesotans should have the opportunity to live and exist as a contributing member of the community while being valued for one’s abilities and uniqueness — regardless of disability.

Through strong management and the ability to adapt to changing needs, PossAbilities is maneuvering through the pandemic, but years of inadequate reimbursement rates established by the state legislature continue to be problematic. The organization lost in excess of $8 million in revenue during the pandemic and is leveraging funds to reopen a safe, healthy environment for employees and people being served. The need for donor support, both financial as well as in-kind giving, has never been greater. Every program offered by PossAbilities has an extensive waiting list of individuals needing services.

Supporting PossAbilities as a partner in giving will benefit 11 artists with disabilities who need adaptive art supplies; 24 persons employed to label test tubes and vials who need yoga mats, an exercise bike, and hand strengthening devices to improve dexterity; 60 individuals in life enrichment programs who need musical equipment, exercise mats, wheelchair lap trays, personal supplies, equipment for a sensory room, hand grips, and books.

All funds received would be used directly to support people with disabilities. None would be used for administration.

We welcome you to be part of making society more inclusive for everyone.

PossAbilities creates opportunities for children and adults
with disabilities to contribute to and connect with the community.

Questions? Please email the auction team: auction@uurochmn.org