Dear members and friends of First UU Church,

We are living in a dream that stretches far before us and will stretch long after us.

Yes, it takes money –
to care for our building, to be a good employer,
to steward our grounds, provide for programming and events –
all of which are an investment in our mission of
welcome, compassion, spiritual growth, and justice.

The people who gathered in a small chapel downtown over 150 years ago could only dream of what this church might be today. They lit an uncertain flame, filled with hope.

And here we are, caring for it, pledging not just dollars, but more importantly pledging our hearts. We know that even as our doors have been closed this year, the story of our ancestors is still alive, filled with possibility.

We are stewards of their dreams. Let us tend that flame so it continues to shine far beyond ourselves.

In gratitude,

Rev. Luke Stevens-Royer, Minister
Ann Hutton, on behalf of the Board of Directors
Barb Foss, on behalf of the Pledge Team